TiredOfDating.net Returns

My long hiatus from here was due to a long hiatus from dating. I guess you could say I was at a good place in my life, busied by my hobbies, and just content on my own. Of course, after a while circumstances change, and when the awful side to dating and stresses of relationships fade from your mind, one starts to miss the pleasant parts. Or maybe I’m just at that point where my friends are continuing to marry with children left and right, and nearing 30 starts to sound like an age I’d like to be less single. I suppose I’m at that point where I’m giving it all another 100th attempt. (I don’t know that I’ve actually had 100 love interests/been on 100 dates before.) So, I’ve been logging back into my dating site profiles, swiping my “yes” and “no”s on apps and scoping out those on the train or in the bar. I can’t promise how often I’ll be posting here again or what you should expect, but for the time being, yes TiredOfDating.net is back.orig-20239901

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