I guess the dating scene has been going a little slow for me, lately. The best message I’ve received on the dating websites in a while was from a guy over ten years older than the oldest I’m comfortable dating. I’m not going for it. I also got some calls from the guy who I exchanged numbers with a couple of weeks ago, before I found out how many years I had on him. I didn’t pick up because I think the idea of being able to say “it was before your time” about too many things weird’s me out –But who knows, if things continue this slowly, I just might answer his next call. I know some people say age is only a number, but you know what, some people also say some really stupid things. Well, time to start scrolling through profiles again, this Friday night in.

(I like sleep, why should I be in such a rush to find the right guy anyway?)

(I like sleep, why should I be in such a rush to find the right guy anyway? It often leads to these…)

4 thoughts on “Slow

  1. Age seems only to be an issue for youth. When I was in my 20’s, I felt people in their 30’s were too old. Then, when I hit 30, I found myself involved with a 43 year old woman who rocked my world. When in my 40’s I tried to date a 20 something woman who said I was too old–despite connecting on so many views and interests. Now in my 50’s I find the same women in their 40’s are more interested than even in dating me. I score that an advantage and a pleasant one at that, but I feel like we missed out on a lot of opportunity for fun and companionship all these years because of someone else’s fear of age differences.

    • I agree, I think as you get older the age difference matters less. Five years is nothing if someone is 40 and someone else 45, but when you’re 10 a 15 year old is a hell of a lot older. I think it will eventually even out a little more as maturity levels even out, but I’m not quite there yet and age is definitely not ALWAYS just a number =)

  2. Definitely depends on the person, but I have to say, the 27-year-old guy I got together with a couple weeks ago, who’s been texting me ever since? Despite our huge age difference (I’m 42), he’s got a lot of great stuff going on (even beyond the mind-blowing sex!), making him an actual contender. Doesn’t hurt to keep an open mind. ; )

    • But the 27 year old can still legally buy you a drink and get into a bar at least…I guess it’s that a lot of guys I know still aren’t mature when they’re even 24 or 25 years old.

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