Progress Update

This blog reached 100 likes today, with 50 followers, a slew of comments, and almost 4,000 views after it’s creation approximately one month ago without any advertising. –So, I just wanted to say I’m glad you’re enjoying this and thanks for making me feel like I’m sharing something worthwhile with you all! =)

As for other updates in my dating life…The guy I’ve decided is too young for me called me again yesterday. This time I answered. I really don’t know why I picked up beyond curiosity, but as soon as I did I knew the whole thing was just too silly. He didn’t sound very intelligent on the phone and as he suggested we hang out that night, I kept thinking “Hang out? Where do you hang out? You can’t even go anywhere that serves alcohol…I can’t go back to how much that sucked when I was a kid.” I think I’ve made up my mind not to answer any more of his calls. He might get the idea. I told him I’d let him know what I was doing that night and never got back to him.
Then I found a profile on the dating site that sounded perfect the other day. I couldn’t have asked for better sentences, opinions, or pictures. I thought, “18 miles away? so what I’ll make use of my car and we’ll make this work.” Unfortunately I sent a message before reading his entire profile, and would’ve written it a little better if I knew I was dealing with Mr. Perfect Profile. It’s the second time I had this feeling when scrolling through these profiles all these years. A profile that actually excited me. A guy who’d mastered the art of making himself sound completely perfect for me through an online profile. It’s like he’s me, but without all the parts about me I don’t like! -But it’s now the second time someone with a profile this great ignored my message, too. I’ve appropriately stalked his activity to figure out if I’m being ignored and I’m still sort of hoping he’s just been really busy, but I have a feeling it’s already over before it’s begun yet again. See, I sent the message three days ago. He’s logged in somewhere between three and four times since then and visited my profile twice. It’s kind of hard to make a final decision on being ignored yet, but it can’t be much longer now. I even considered sending a follow-up message, but soon decided if he was interested he’d have answered and knowing the reason he’s not isn’t really going help. Just because his profile might have been perfect to me, it doesn’t mean mine would’ve had to be perfect for him. Anyway, what a rude jerk he is for just ignoring me like that!…-And back to scrolling through the “matches” these sites throw at me…

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