Dateless Weekends

This might have only been about that night, but lately this conversation feels like it applies to every weekend…
(…The conversation turned into a couple of general questions that just sort of trailed off into silence after that.)

1 thought on “Dateless Weekends

  1. I enjoy your blog and have gone through many of the same experiences in the 3 years since my divorce dating and on the dating sites.
    I would like to give you one insight that I have learned. That is that every relationship good and bad has taught me something about me and what I do and do not want in a relationship. Really find out who you are and what you want in a partner and relationship and half the battle is won. Not being critical of you but you are still discovering this as you are still exploring your sexuality and who and what you want in a relationship. Also be aware that most men (unless they are players) are nervous when first approaching a woman and will usually say something generic until you start talking to them. Guys who have a smooth witty initial comment are usually players who have these lines perfected.
    Good luck in your search and thanks for sharing your experiences.

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