Still No Luck Dating

Wow, three days without a post. I guess that’s what happens when you make a blog about dating and experience dateless days. Maybe I should turn this into weekly updates rather than daily. Anyway, I don’t really have anything going on in my dating life right now. I did do a little bar hopping with some friends this weekend and found myself noticing the girls more than guys. I think it was a combination of browsing too many lesbian profiles on these dating sites, wanting to feed my curiosity, and my increasing boredom with men/tiredness of dating. I’m actually considering messaging some of the girls who’s profiles I’d bookmarked, after a conversation with a straight girl I had yesterday. She told me about her one girl crush and that she had a good experience the one time she dated a lesbian. …And in other news, I haven’t been getting too many messages on the sites from anyone interesting, so I just have some short conversations turning guys down…

Random Guy: hey there!
Myself: Hello…Didn’t leave much room for any other reply, really…

Random Guy: hi beautiful how you doing tonight.
Myself: I’m alright, but you forgot an “are.”
Random Guy: ok ? lol
Random Guy: how are you doing…u serious lol
Myself: I’m still alright, and yeah -You lost a “y” and an “o” that time.
[hehe how annoying am I?…I wanted to make a comment about him missing question marks too.]

Random Guy: #yesplease
Myself: No thank you.
Random Guy: Hahaha ouch

3 thoughts on “Still No Luck Dating

  1. I’m constantly amazed at what guys (and some girls, but mostly guys) think will work. I’m also constantly appalled by people’s standards of spelling, grammar and punctuation. There’s a chance I’m setting myself up for a fall here, but here’s the message I sent yesterday to someone who caught my eye…

    Hello Miss… erm… [lighthearted joke about her bland username],

    So I read your profile. It made me laugh, so I had a look at your pictures. They made me nod appreciatively despite there being nobody here to see, so I read your profile again. It made me laugh again. Plus we’re only 8% enemies [I guess that gives away one of the sites I’m on :-D] (maybe our lower left legs won’t get on. That’s about 8% of an adult human, right?). AND you can spell! A rare, valuable and attractive quality.

    I figured this all formed a good basis to get in touch.

    You seem pretty awesome and lots of fun. I also have mild semi-colon fear [referencing something in her profile], despite using them daily (even in text messages, much to the dismay of some of my less literate friends) and your profile has just made me miss my old cat. [referencing something else in her profile]

    Anyway, enough of this rambling. Have a quick look at my profile and, if you think I’m the kind of fella you could have a chuckle with, drop me a line.

    In the meantime, take care and enjoy this sunny Sunday,

    [my initial] x

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