It’s Not Just The Guys…

I don’t typically come across many girls profiles on dating sites because I’m straight, but every now and then I’ll do a search to see who I’m being compared to. Every once in a while it leaves me wondering if the good guys out there are really being swept up by some of these girls. Now, I know that someone could just as easily poke fun at my profile, but I do think I put up a little more of a challenge than some of these girls. Again, I’m really not trying to use this blog just to expose others and make fun of them, but I think if it falls into the mix every now and then, they were kind of asking for it? Please let me know if you find the excerpts from this girls profile attractive and intrigue you into setting up a date with her based on it…

Actual “About Me” On A Random Girl’s Dating Website Profile:
I guess i should let it be known straight off the bat…i have a son who will always be my first, i cant stand clingy people and i am grossed out by tongue kissing…
love: hiking, the beach, road tripping, drawing, dancing, reading, science, children and animal rights(altho i enjoy a nice bloody steak), gymin, tannin
i get a lot of messages on here from people i wont repond to so in an effort to not waste anyones time i am not into: indians, blacks, anyone under 6′ tall

3 thoughts on “It’s Not Just The Guys…

  1. Wow…she actually seem like a nice person, until that last line. WTF!? People really do need to have someone edit their profile before it goes live. Btw, I think they did a study of OK Cupid, and found that women do tend to “discriminate” or have preferences based on race(Especially Black Women). Moreso then men, but she takes the cake (especially if she’s Black)!

    • I have also read those Okcupid studies. They were pretty interesting. I’m surprised she puts such racist sounding things out there on her public profile. I would think it’s really not very attractive to anyone.

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