Cat Lady, Meet Cat Dude

Normally I wouldn’t post something from someone’s profile unless they sent me a message first as it feels a bit too much like trolling the internet just to make fun of people…But if I happen to be searching for a dating match and find something I feel is post worthy, I suppose it couldn’t hurt to share every now and then. To preface this post, some do describe me as a “cat lady” or borderline one, so I guess it kinda makes it “okay” if I joke about someone in the same way. However, I would never write this many details about my pets on a profile about myself on a dating website…

Actual “About Me” On Random Guy’s Dating Website Profile:
I love animals; I currently have three (fourth passed away… RIP [NAME CENSORED] 7/1/11) cats (two which were strays rescued by me), didn’t plan on three, but you just can’t resist those fuzzballs once they’ve been in your life for a bit (now back to four cats, with my recent rescue/adoption of a female tortoiseshell kitten on the 18th of November ’11). Oh and if you’re wondering why I don’t have photos up of them, they were flagged… as my face wasn’t visible in them (but click [WEBSITE CENSORED] for my facebook album). It may seem…. odd, to some, but I tend to keep a can of wet food in my jacket pocket, in case I see a stray cat. =^,^= (case in point……and now that little black stray is home with me….so make that five cats).

I love how it seems that the amount of cats he has increases as he’s writing that very paragraph.


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