Dating Website Conversation #4

I know a lot of people are attracted to confidence, but I’ve always generally been one drawn to those who lack most of it. Though I may not be part of the majority on that, I still think it’s a little over the top to claim you’re the one for someone who you’ve never even met before. I mean really, to declare that you’re the one someone has been waiting for –someone who they couldn’t do without- before even speaking to them, is just too much.

Random Guy: I can be so good to you that you will wonder why you have done without me for so long. So lets talk.
Myself: No, thanks…I hate cockiness. Huge turn off for me. Good luck on here, a girl you’d be more interested in would probably like your approach.
Random Guy: Cockiness…confidence. …persistence. ..pride……whatever you want to call it
Myself: Yes, all of those things, I’m just not a fan. Just me, personally =)
Random Guy: you are absurd
Myself: Nah, I just have a high respect for those who are more humble/modest in that sense. I find it more attractive when someone is more sensitive in that way.

2 thoughts on “Dating Website Conversation #4

  1. I don’t think those type of statements show someone’s confident. More like – hey I am so desperate I am even trying some pick-up lines that even I don’t believe in, but I read somewhere they might work… Total turn-off, agree, but also – these are guys that are probably super-insecure, not confident. Or just, I don’t know, live in some parallel world?

    Are all guys you meet online this weird or you’re just giving us the “best off”? Btw I like the story about pot-selling-married-for-papers, but I honestly wonder where do you find those characters! Amazing :)

    • I don’t necessarily think guys that speak that way are truly being confident, but I just hate cocky sounding things in general. -And of course it’s just some lame line, but I try to reply to every message I get and take it as literally as possible…It’s funnier that way =P

      And no, I’ve met some “normal” guys but those conversations are rare and don’t get posted here. This blog is basically all of the guys I have to weed through in order to find those cool ones every hundred or so =P …It’s the reasons I’m tired of dating, not the reasons that keep me dating =)
      Thanks for the comment =)

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