Awkward Parties

I went to a couple of parties this weekend and learned a few things:
– My first reaction is still currently set to skim my surroundings for attractive girls before attractive guys.
-It’s really hard for me to tell if a girl likes girls unless she specifically says it, or is glued to her significant other.
-Straight girls often say things that could easily be interpreted as them not being straight.

At one party I spent a few minutes in an awkward position. My best friend was pushing me to tell our other friend about my interest in dating a girl. I’d have been more hesitant if it were more sober. Somehow I ended up sitting in a chair while 5 or so other girls sat around me on the floor like it was children’s story time and I told my story of changing my dating website from “straight” to “bisexual” and answered their questions. One guy was listening in. I didn’t know him, but he’d come off as creepy to me the entire night. He leaned over and said, “So, you kissed a girl and you liked it?” and my friend corrected him, “No, she just wants to.” He goes, “So you want to kiss a girl?” and again I correct him, “No, I want to date one and eventually be in a relationship. I don’t just want to kiss one.” He says, “Yeah, but kissing is included in that.” And I reply, “Well if you want a girlfriend, you don’t go around telling people you want to find someone to kiss, even though it’s included.” Seeing that in his mind all he was doing was picturing me making out with some imaginary girl and completely ignoring the fact that I wanted to find some sort of emotional bond with another, I walked away. I’m never going to escape guys reacting this way, am I? Skimming through my dating website inbox, it doesn’t seem like it. No, world –I am not interested in a threesome right now. I like guys but I’m taking a break from dating them in hopes of dating a girl. That’s it!

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