Yes, it’s Saturday night and I’m spending it home updating this blog…

Usually I’m not this bitchy…But I was in a crappy mood and I’m checking my messages on dating sites and I see this message. Why would your initial message be an insult? How could this dude possibly expect me to react positively to a message asking if my interests have turned me into a “crazy” person, and then try to play it off as a serious question. I was also surprised at how defensive he became considering I just glanced at his profile picture and quickly thought of a return insult without even clicking on his profile. Apparently it was a sensitive topic for him. What I really don’t understand is that a week later (tonight) he sent me that last message on the bottom. (I haven’t responded.) It’s not the first time I’ve ended or ignored a message only to have someone start the conversation new a week later…even when the previous messages are sitting right above it.

3 thoughts on “Yes, it’s Saturday night and I’m spending it home updating this blog…

  1. I had a similar situation where a man insulted me by telling me to grow up (I was 10 yrs older than him). Then a week later, sent a message asking how I am, like nothing had happened.

    What I found was that they delete their chat history. Even though you still have yours, theirs is gone, so they forget that they were insensitive fools the week before.

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