Still Going No Where On Dating Websites

Well, “Mr. Perfect Profile” turned out to be nothing special after all. He put that easy-going vibe into his profile, but turned out just to be a jerk in his messages. I sent him a clearly light-hearted, joking second message and got back an angry reply. Really? You’re that rude to a stranger, unprovoked? Kind of a real turn off for me. Who are you to snap, “don’t ever contact me again” after I was friendly on a freaking dating website? Seeing him go from “perfect” to unreasonably mean was pretty disappointing –But a good thing to catch so early on. Imagine if we’d actually met! He even got unreasonably defensive stating that he was on vacation and unable to load the website. Funny how he could suddenly send that message with ease, though, huh? It’s like he wanted to make me feel like an idiot about messaging him. Well, sorry dude. You’ve failed. Now I just get to tease you anonymously on a blog you’ll never read. And moving on, yet again…

Then there’s a conversation in my inbox with a guy who insisted on messaging me, though the website has indicated we’re not a good match. When I pointed this out to him he wanted specifics saying he didn’t believe in math when it comes to relationships. I don’t either, but I believe in it when it comes to dating websites. It does half the work for me based on important facts about who I want to date which I’ve fed to it. So, I told him that right off the bat I found that he answered “Girl-on-girl is okay, but guy-on-guy is wrong” to the question “Which best represents your opinion of same-sex relationships?” completely disgusting. I received a long-winded reply about how it’s just not something he’d want to watch, but that he enjoyed Rocky Horror Picture Show, so this must prove he’s not homophobic. What does any of that have to do with the question?! I was too annoyed to answer him again…And now I feel like I’m going in circles within circles of the dating cycle because I also just had another one of these conversations again…

Random Guy: Where do you get all this money to do so many of these shit? :P Really like the way you edited your profile. More interesting than others. Props for that.
Myself: I don’t have a lot of money, I live my life in pretty inexpensive ways.
I don’t think we’re a good match, and I’m not a fan of the way you speak, though…

So, now I can either go back to scrolling through the thousands of profiles of guys I’m not interested in to find a couple I might be, go back to dreaming as I scroll through lesbians profiles, or start working on my next blog post on some other related topic.

2 thoughts on “Still Going No Where On Dating Websites

  1. I have a friend who won’t sign up for online dating because she doesn’t know which body type she should select, and she doesn’t want to be misleading. …I thought that was a little overcautious with the honesty, considering she will also be posting a picture of herself.

    I think people frequently misrepresent themselves on dating sites merely because they don’t understand themselves that much to begin with. Mr. Anger Issues probably doesn’t even know he’s a psychopath. Or he does, but there was no “psychopath” option on the form. These are just flaws in the system.

    • That’s strange body type would keep someone off of the site. I’d say to select “average” and put up honest pictures at the very least. If they’re overweight I find most websites have a nice way of phrasing it anyway, “Curvy”, “A few extra pounds” -Or if they’re underweight, I find they have “slim” over the not-so-flattering “skinny.” …I doubt anyone would judge someone further than that. Most people overlook that section and go straight to the pictures anyway. Some websites don’t even require you to select one! But, to each their own…

      This is true. It took a lot of effort to get my profile to represent myself well…But usually when someone speaks in a sort of down to earth tone throughout their profile, they’re not snippy in conversation. I was surprised about that much.

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