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For those of you just tuning in, I thought I’d do a recap in case my dating life picks up again. (Just being hopeful, you know.) I was tired of dating when I started this blog and that has not changed, as I continue to post post-worthy conversations from my dating website inboxes. Shortly after starting this blog, after dating guys my entire life (I’m in my 20’s), I decided to try dating girls around the middle of this past summer. The idea definitely surfaced after developing a crush on one particular girl. I honestly do still have a thing for her, but I’d rather not get into all of that right now. I made a post about it, still under the impression it wasn’t possible for me to like a girl when I’d always identified with being straight, but after admitting the way I felt, I finally saw it as an option and decided to take advantage of that option. Over the last couple of weeks I created a second dating profile to date girls and switched my original profile back from “bisexual” to “straight” to find guys. It makes all the difference as the only messages I was getting when it was set to “bisexual” were from couples looking for a third person, and guys nearly twice my age. I now use both profiles equally, but just this past week I’ve started sending initial messages out to guys again. (No replies, so far.) I had been taking a break from guys, and though I still am for the most part, I’m more open to the idea of dating them again. (Yes, currently having no dating kind of situation with anyone male or female made me expand my options.) Over the last few months I’ve gone on 4 first dates with girls, which went no where. And to keep track, here are some of the nicknames I’ve been throwing around in my posts…

Crazy Girl is a girl who I have not met but who sends me explicit messages which I do my best to reply to and is probably making up some of her stories.
Flakey Girl is a girl who I never met but used to text me all of the time asking me to hang out and then cancelling last minute. I haven’t heard from her in months. She also apparently knew someone growing up who I hung out with in my teens.
Crazy Dog Girl is the girl who said she was Catholic but wanted to raise her dog (who she calls her son) Jewish. We haven’t spoken since our one date.
Band Camp Girl is a girl who I haven’t met yet but was supposed to meet last week, until I asked her if we could switch it to sometime this weekend. We still don’t have any plans set in stone. All I know about her at the moment is that she plays the flute, hence her name. I haven’t really mentioned her before except for in this post.
Switzerland Girl is the girl who was on vacation in the US and we went out one night. I’ll probably never speak to her again, but that’s what I called her. My friend referred to her as “SwissMiss” but I kept confusing his questions with hot chocolate, so the name didn’t stick.

I don’t have nicknames for the other two girls I’ve recently been chatting with on and off, or any of the guys I’ve recently dated. You’ll find their stories throughout my posts, though. The next few months are going to be a little hectic as I’m taking a 2 week vacation out of the country, have been occasionally working a side job as a hobby on the weekend, and have been apartment hunting because I’ve decided it’s time for change, but I’ll do my best to keep updating this blog. My “love life” has also been pretty lame and non-existent as of recently, so I’m hoping to make it a little more exciting again. For other interesting posts I’ve written in the past, please see the “Top Posts” on the side bar of the main page, or feel free to browse through my older stories throughout the Recent Posts, Archives, and Categories.

2 thoughts on “Dating Blog Recap

  1. It’s crazy that you can’t find decent men if you identify yourself as bisexual. Just recently, I had a friend of a friend ask if I would be uncomfortable dating a man who was bisexual (I’m straight). The question made no sense to me and it still doesn’t. The only problem I can see any woman having is feeling like ‘less of a woman’ if he starts dating a man next. Except I’m not that person. You either like me or you don’t. I’m not worried a bisexual man will leave me for another man any more than I am worried about straight man running off with another woman.

    Am I an anomaly here? I feel like straight guys should have no problem with you being bisexual.

    • I think a lot of guys select “straight girls only” as what they’re looking for, not realizing it excludes anyone listed as “bi.” I did get some legitimate messages from straight guys, but most of the time they were like “hehehe so you like to be with girls, huh? Maybe we can find one for a threesome,” and they were also often much older than me. Then there were a lot of messages from couples who joined the site to find a third person for a one night stand, or to join their relationship (which is just not my thing.) Not that it’s correct, but I think a lot of the time guys see “bisexual,” assume the person doesn’t want something serious with a guy, and moves on. …Or just keeps them out of his searches all together. The other part of the problem is that there are a lot of girls on there who are straight but think a guy will be more attracted to them if their profile says they’re bi because the guy will be picturing them with another girl (which is of course a popular fantasy amongst many men.) It’s those straight girls who crave attention from men so badly they will make out with their straight female friends at bars, and I always feel like rolling my eyes about it. I think it’s those girls that mess this up for a lot of people unlike them.
      I usually find that I am not attracted to guys that are very metrosexual, or flamboyant, as it’s just my personal preference (no different than preferring tall/short, brown/blond hair, aggressive/submissive personalities), and I often find that the bisexual guys I come across are often like that (not that there have been so many), so I probably wouldn’t be attracted to them…But it’s not about them dating men, and I’m sure there are plenty of guys out there who aren’t like that but also like men, and that wouldn’t bother me. In all of these years on these sites, a bisexual guy has never messaged me, ‘nor have I seen one view my profile. I honestly can’t really comment much on it because I never had the chance to give it much thought, though I suppose I don’t typically do searches for them on the sites.

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