Dating Website Conversation #23

Calling them out on it…

Random Guy: Hi you are beautiful how are you? Xoxo
Myself: Sorry, I prefer messages with more effort that suggest the person did more than glance at my pictures before messaging me. I’m not interested. Good luck on here! =)
Random Guy: Lol


2 thoughts on “Dating Website Conversation #23

  1. Don’t you love an “xoxo” in the first conversation? That means it was definitely love at first sight!! LOL

    Too bad he isn’t familiar with periods (“.”). You need those every once in a while when you write sentences. LOL ;)

  2. Humans want the things they can’t easily have and people hate to get
    rejected specially good looking girls who aren’t used to
    facing rejection. Women adore men who knows
    how to lead them, leading without having control them.
    Did you know that 99% of men get turned down by women everyday.

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