Dating Website Conversations That Went Nowhere

I went through some more messages in my dating website inbox. Here are some bad conversations which went nowhere on one site. Most of these are from a year ago or more…

Random Guy: mmmm
Myself: Yeah, you put a lot of thought into that message, I really want to reply.
Random Guy: You totally did reply, though.
: (
Myself: Yes, I replied with sarcasm.

Random Guy: I beleive in santa claus?
Myself: Fake profile as it’s hardly filled out, or attempt at being unique and hoping for a reply…
Random Guy: who has time 4 this
[Obviously not the guy who doesn’t have the time to spell out “for”…]

Random Guy: I’m wondering if you’d like to hang out with me this week.
Myself: I think it’ll take me a while to meet someone in person from here.
Random Guy: “My Turn Off’s: Not being open minded, ” [This is something he copy and pasted from my old profile.]
Myself: I don’t see how the two are related. One is a safety/comfort issue.

Random Guy: hi. you are way out of my league but maybe we can be besties? im great at errands and, um, all of that. wait nevermind how embarassingg. haha sorry! you rule! can i just paypal you for no reason?! eek
[I told him I wasn’t over someone, which was true at the time…It’s nicer than adding the part about how strange the message is.]

And then there was the time I gave a real answer to a guy I wasn’t interested in…

Random Guy: Why is it so hard to meet someone it feels right to be with.
Myself: Everyone is very different in many different ways. It’s rare to find someone who’s weaknesses pair well with your strengths (and vice versa), who has things in common with you enough to generally be on the same page with you in most situations, and who’s faults you can stand because of enough positivity in the rest of their personality traits. People have different priorities in relationships and you have to find someone who is strong enough in the categories most important to you, and what they lack only shows up in areas that don’t matter so much to you.

8 thoughts on “Dating Website Conversations That Went Nowhere

  1. Must say I’m really rather enjoying this blog. I had my own fair share of nonsense to put up with when I was on the online dating scene. This post reminds me heavily of all the times somebody would message me to say Hello or something else. I would reply, attempting to build a conversation and would get only one word replies. It would go a little something like this:

    Them: “Hey!”
    Me: “Hi there. How are you?”
    Them: “Ok”
    Me: “Cool, you up to much at the minute other than talking to me?”
    Them: “No”
    Me: “Ok then…”

    And so on. I wouldn’t have minded so much but they initiated the conversation. It’s the online equivalent of walking up to someone, saying hello and then staring blankly at them while they try to converse with you. Very irritating and annoyingly common.

    • Yes, I’ve had plenty of those kind of conversations as well. Sometimes they happen with people I know every week, like a routine. I even once broke the routine and asked, “Why do you even continue to bother with this conversation each week?” I never got a reply. I’ve always spoken the way I do in person, in messages/texts/e-mails. I was surprised by the amount of people who told me how refreshing this was. Apparently, a lot of people just aren’t very good at internet communication. It’s a simple skill, though there seem to be many who haven’t quite caught on. And I really don’t understand why those people bother joining dating websites.
      Thank you for your comment =)

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