More Dating Website Conversation Fails

Well, this is the last of what I could find skimming through the old messages in my dating website inboxes…Besides a few old conversations saved in some word documents, this will probably be the last post of my old conversations. After this I guess it’ll be newly exchanged words, and my opinions and experiences in the world of dating…

Random Guy: hey :)
[5 Minutes Later…]
Random Guy: do you like little boys or something?

Random Guy: Hi! Where in [CITY CENSORED] do you live?
Random Guy: Ok, I think I know where that is. I’d love to meet and chat.
[In my city there are at least 4 well known neighborhoods fitting my description. 30 minutes later…]
Random Guy: I’m also a bad, non kosher, pork eating Jew.
[An hour later…]
Random Guy: Don’t worry, I’m circumcised
[And this is where I officially stop replying.]

Random Guy: I will keep it short and simple. I read your profile. Pretty Interesting. I think you are creative and attractive. By the way, you look great. I have a question for you??
Myself: Thanks, but I’ve yet to find I have any interest in someone with under a 70 or 80% match rating with me on this site.
[After reading up on this site’s algorithms and skimming through profiles over the last few years, I’ve found that I never have interest in someone with a 20-40% match rating. This person was in that range. It’s designed to work accurately enough. Of course you might like someone with a 72% match over someone with a 95% match in real life –But there’s still a huge difference between someone with a 20% match and an 80% match to you.]
Random Guy: Haha. Don’t trust this site to match you. This is cheap site created by few horny guys. That’s the fact.
Myself: Have you read about the math behind the matching? Have you read the articles they posted about what the % means? And that is not a fact because I actually know two people working for the site and that is false about both of them. I don’t think “Oh this person is such a good match for me because of their %” -I’m not an idiot. However, I have YET to find someone I’m even SLIGHTLY interest in who doesn’t have a % over 70. This is because the way people on the site answer their questions generates that %…Well, I’m not going to go into it too much, you can just read about it as I did if you’re interested.
Random Guy: This is all bull. It’s easy to fool regular people like you. Have smart life in future.
Myself: Yes, I’ve been completely fooled by your poor English I was so attracted to. Good luck finding a fuck buddy on here. Good news for you is that people with a close match % to yours will probably be into you as well. Good luck =)
[The “fuck buddy” part was referring to something from his profile…And the fact that he believed it was just “horny guys” controlling the site.]

5 thoughts on “More Dating Website Conversation Fails

  1. It’s really not difficult to see why so many of these guys are single. I don’t know what it is about some guys, I think in an attempt to appear confident or to project an aura of masculinity they instead act like idiots. That being said, some probably are actually just idiots.

    However I know of one good example where a good friend of mine used to deal with being attracted to girls by insulting them. It always infuriated me because he was actually a really nice guy, but he always entered some sort of weird macho mode around girls he liked. Needless to say he remained single until he learned to knock it off.

    • I think it’s just a maturity thing. I was taunted and teased throughout jr high and towards the end of high school most of the guys doing the bullying fessed-up to having crushes on me in jr high. I think it’s often true that guys don’t mature as quickly as girls and I think a lot of them are somehow still stuck in that jr high phase. They hear girls like confident guys and think cockiness or this power in their negative words display that. -And I personally find a little lack of confidence a lot more attractive, anyway.

  2. I think we frequent the same dating website, and I agree about the match percentages. I’ve given guys with a low % a chance, but it’s never worked out well. Even the guys with a high match % are tricky, actually (but at least the sex is good in the mean time). ; )

    • I’m on three dating sites at the moment actually…Some I use more seriously than others, though. The profiles have been up, edited, & used on & off since August of 2009. I don’t bother with the low %’s because there are certain things you can tell about a person pretty quickly/easily and know if they’re not someone for you. I have to do enough weeding through the high match %’s, I can’t be bothered with low %’s too! And yeah, high match %’s don’t guarantee someone great, but I find low one’s seem to guarantee someone not great.

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